Musical Sketches of the Zodiac

I have just begun a year-long certification program with Nightlight Astrology School and I am loving every minute of it. Adam is a wonderful teacher with a beautifully expanded worldview and my fellow classmates are bright, curious, and knowledgeable. This is going to be a fantastic year of study and I’m already planning to continue with the second year as well.

One of the first study assignments was: “Create an artistic expression of the 12 signs in their 12 houses. Use any medium to study the placement of these signs and their respective houses.” Since my preferred artistic medium is music, I put together a piece of music with 15 second musical “sketches” of each sign. And since the assignment was meant to examine the layout of the signs and houses, I also put together a slide show to go with the music.

This is what I ended up with:

As I say, it’s just a brief sketch, but I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be sharing more from my studies as I go along. Watch for book reviews, maybe some more music or art, and surely some other astrological writing as well.


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